Ongoing Projects

Denny Way - Seattle, WA
General Contractor: ONNI. Craig Kuchel and Antonio Machado are the NEWWAY'S Superintendents.

ICE District - Edmonton, AB
General Contractor: PCL. Mike Keith is the NEWWAY'S superintendent.

Brookmere- West Coquitlam, BC
General Contractor: ONNI. Ivan Bortolussi is the NEWWAY'S superintendent.


Parcel 20-21 - Vancouver, BC
General Contractor: Wesgroup. Avelino Dasilva is the NEWWAY'S Superintendent.

One88 - Bellevue, WA
General Contractor: Bosa Development.  Adam Pilling is the NEWWAY'S Superintendent.

The Shipyards - North Vancouver, BC
General Contractor: Darwin Construction. Pavel Bitkov is the NEWWAY'S Superintendent.

Parcel 15 - Vancouver, BC
General Contractor: Wesgroup. Jeff Clarke is the NEWWAY'S superintendent.

SunTowers - Burnaby, BC
General Contractor: METROCAN. Ercole Andreolli is the NEWWAY'S superintendent.

The Peak at SFU - Burnaby, BC
General Contractor: Intergulf. Ercole Adreolli is the NEWWAY'S Superintendent.